Release information


New release coming begin/mid 2022 - apologies for the delays - many new functions coming! If you want to help beta-test send us an email at

1.0.11 - released on 20th of May 2019

  • Fixed DPI bug that sometimes corrupted the mouse calibration
  • Fixed possible warning recursion
  • Optimized main loop

1.0.10 - released on 19th of May 2019

  • Fixed clang optimization bug in acceleration code
  • Fixed possible failure during device list creation
  • Fixed bug during user dialog closing
  • Updated debugging routines

1.0.9 - released on 18th of May 2019

  • Fixed crash that occured during closing of user dialog
  • Fixed crash due to recursive warning call
  • Changed startup UI so that multiple keyboards are off

1.0.8 - released on 16th of May 2019

  • Fixed a nasty bug that gave lots of users keyboard problems (first keyboard would not pair properly)
  • Added double click speed configuration per user
  • Added option for setting right-mouse button as primary (swap buttons) per user
  • Added warning when Vmware is detected (interacting with Vmware currently works unreliably)

1.0.7 - released on 14th of May 2019

  • Fixed some DPI issues
  • Fixed crash during startup
  • Fixed flow for device detection so invalid devices don’t stop the program
  • Optimizations
  • Now compiled with clang + pdb

1.0.6 - released on 26th of April 2019

  • Fix for mousewheel messages
  • Fix if device information is not present still continue
  • Fix if screen coordinates cannot be computed fallback scenario
  • Better support for minidumps
  • Various other small fixes

1.0.5 - released on 22nd of April 2019

  • Many small bug fixes
  • Moved image resources into app (less external files)
  • Better calibration information and dialog
  • Cleaner dialog boxes
  • Better error/warning handling
  • Support for custom per-user mouse acceleration loading and saving
  • Support for setting per-user acceleration from any windows version
  • Changed the wording of the warning for Multiplex mode after feedback from user
  • Updated the manual after feedback from user (detailing the risks when running MultiPlex mode)
  • Added check to see if daemon is running during startup
  • Added (optional) from field in the feedback dialog

1.0.4 - released on 9th of April 2019

  • Arrive/removal fixes
  • Improved exception handling + minidumps
  • Optimization updates
  • Updater cleanup
  • Many minor fixes
  • Cosmetic changes

1.0.3 - released on 8th of April 2019

Internal test release

1.0.2 - released on 7th of April 2019

Re-release with fixed bin32 binaries

0.1.1 - released on 20 March 2019

Initial release